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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: if/unless Attributes
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 14:30:07 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> I don't see an easy way to [make <fail> work] since the Strings sent
> to the attributes of tasks and types are property expanded (unlike the
> attributes of target) and in the case I've described the tasks won't see
> ${foo} anymore but the String "false" (via the implicit Object => String
> conversion of PropertyHelper)
> [...]
> we currently don't provide any PropertyEvaluator
> that would create Booleans.  Do we want to provide something like
> ${isTrue:foo} that created Boolean.TRUE if Project.toBoolean(${foo}) was
> true?

A modest suggestion: why don't we just make PropertyHelper treat (String) "false" as (Boolean)
false, and <target> likewise? Then we would not need any new magical 
evaluators and most people would never need to use the <istrue> condition. Passing -DdoSomething=false
would actually do what every developer new to Ant expects it to do 
(as opposed to Ant's current behavior which is quite surprising and inconvenient).

Maybe this is a bit too Perlish for some people, but Ant already forces you to stringify properties
and that's what build scripts (and their *.properties configuration) 
are expecting.

For the three scripts out there which intentionally rely on "false" being true, the old behavior
could be reenabled with a compatibility property set on the project which 
would issue warnings when it needed to be used. Any such scripts could easily be made to avoid
this assumption (while retaining 1.7.x compatibility):

<target name="run" if="doSomething">
     <echo>runs even if -DdoSomething=false!</echo>


<condition property="doSomething.set"><isset property="doSomething"/></condition>
<target name="run" if="doSomething.set">
     <echo>still runs with -DdoSomething=false but now more obvious</echo>

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