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From <>
Subject AW: How about ${fromRefId:some-reference}?
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 11:25:04 GMT
>we have a PropertyEvaluator for ${toString:some-id} that looks up an
>object with id "some-id" in the current project and expands to either
>null (reference doesn't exist) or the result of calling toString() on
>the object.
>With trunk PropertyEvaluators can return non-Strings as values for
>properties and IntrospectionHelper actually uses this.  Say I have
>public void setFoo(MyComplexType t)
>as attribute and
><someTask foo="${property}"/>
>and a PropertyEvaluator returns an instance of MyComplexType for
>"property" then IntrospectionHelper will happily pass that instance
>along (if the attribute setter didn't match the whole old
>set-from-string logic would be applied to the toString() version of my
>This is most useful for tasks that want to accept Resource as an
>attribute, all it takes is a property evaluator that returns a Resource
>instance.  For example
>I suggest to add another core PropertyEvaluator that works like the one
>for toString but doesn't invoke toString() on the reference (but leaves
>that to IntrospectionHelper if necessary).
>As usual, I'm unsure about the name of the prefix
>The ${ref:} and ${refid:} ideas look prettier but are more likely to
>collide with existing property names.

Because you referencing an id I would prefer ${refid:*}. 
There can be collisions as this is possible
    <property name="x:foo" value="bar"/>
    <echoproperties prefix="x"/>

  [echoproperties] x\:foo=bar

but I think the ':' as seperation character is not a common use case. 
But in conclusion that would be a note in the "could break existing
builds" section.


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