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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: A groovy frontend for Ant
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 12:28:43 GMT

> > The only point that was not generic enougth is the default input
> > file. It is build.xml in ant and I wanted build.gant.
> I recall that I was involved in similar discussions, it could have been
> when I put together the JavaFront prototype here on the list or later in
> some off-list discussion.  Ahh,  the thread starting here
> <

Cool, thanks for finding that thread.

> I know Jean-Louis BOUDART has been working on plugging different
> frontends into EasyAnt so maybe we could join forces - Jean-Louis, are
> you reading this?
> > I thought about the ProjectHelper providing the proper default input
> > file. But as I looked into the sources of ant, it appears that the helper
> > is created a way too late for that purpose. Would it be reasonable to
> > instanciate the helper at the arguments parsing in the Main class (see
> > Main#processArgs) ?
> I think it would, in particular if you consider the use case of maybe
> supporting more than one ProjectHelper implementation in parallel (see
> the old thread) like use groovy if it is a goovy build file and fall
> back to ProjectHelper2 if it is xml.
> > Then there is also the problematic about the ant and subant tasks which
> > are expected a priori to launch ant with the pure xml frontend (I am
> > right to see it this way ?).
> I think the configured ProjectHelper is used, isn't it?  This probably
> means we need support for multiple project helpers if <ant> and friends
> should eb able to chose one based on the format.

The suggestion made in the thread you undig from the archive is quite 
interesting. There would be a default ProjectHelper which would define which 
default input file ant should look for, and if a file is specified the 
extension would designate the ProjectHelper to use. I looked into bugzilla, I 
have not found any patch about this. Then I will look into coding an 


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