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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: Can we rename the "compress" sandbox Antlib?
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2009 08:20:43 GMT
>> I'm happy - compress is a bad name for the js/css compressor that's
>> there already -I propose to change it to ant-minify.  As this seems to
>> be what these kind of tools are actually called.
> Sounds good.

As of a few minutes ago, ant-compress namespace is clear - as this is
me running svn mv commands, someone may want to check that I haven't
wrecked the sandbox ;p

> Sorry.  While I think the antlib is needed and should graduate ASAP I
> also now that I'm already overcommitting (as usual?) so I can't
> promise to lend a hand.

I'm in the same boat, just realised I've committed ~ 10 changes in the
past 6 months - not good :(


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