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From <>
Subject AW: Ant arguments handling (Virtual Ant Targets handling using custom code)
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 13:21:36 GMT
> * it looks like we need to place the custom executor calss in 
> ant lib folder
>    - Is there a way to tell the ant to look for my project 
> libraries to find this custom executor

Use the -lib option of Ant to include your jar.

> * What is the default Executor the ant uses, so that for 
> certain tasks we wish to deligate to the default executor - is this
> avaiable some where so that I could use that reference to deligate

Not sure.
Should be
BTW in that package are more executors ...

> * for IDE integration by giving the build.xml to the ide, how 
> do we tell the IDE that vitural targets exists so that it could
display as 
> one of the valid target with in the listed targests supported by the
ant xml file.

Not sure, that is IDE specific.

>   - Is there any interface which we need to impl. which gives 
> the list of valid targets. Executor should have had this method.. but
> does not seem to have one.

The project instance holds the list. 
Youll get the reference as first parameter.

> * Could you pl. give more details on what the significance of
> getSubProjectExecutor()

No idea.


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