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From Maxim Kizub <>
Subject Re: IDE with non-xml syntax for ant
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 16:44:44 GMT
2009/4/9 Stefan Bodewig <>:
> On 2009-03-24, Maxim Kizub <> wrote:
>> 1. What do you think about the idea of writing such Ant IDE?
> Sounds interesting but I know that at least I wouldn't have enough
> cycles to contribute.

This is not going to be the IDE written from scratch. It's just a
plugin to SymADE development environment.
This plugin will define semantic meanings (concepts) used in Ant and
the way they are rendered.
This will not require too much time to implement.
Actually, I already implemented this, and now I'm working on the
introspection part (actually, the hardest
are MacroDef-s, because it's rather hard to proove that they are
written correctly, so currently the IDE
is full of warnings, and can't be helpful with code completition with
macroses - looks like I need to implement
complete type inference system for them).
I'm sure that one developer (me) will be enough for initial version.
If peoples will like the IDE and this way of editing Ant files, there
definitely will be some more volonteers.

>> 2. If you'll find it convenient enough - will you distribute it
>> together with Ant?
> Probably not with the main Ant distribution.
> And in order to be distributed by the Ant project at all, it had to be
> an Apache project run by Apache rules.  I don't think this is what you
> have in mind.

Will it be possible to include the plugin (under Apache license) and
binary distribution of the SymADE?
If I will cut off compiler, and the SymADE binary will include only
GUI, Ant import/export and formatting parts,
it will be about 2Mb jar file.

Or just the plugin, which will be able to download the dedicated
SymADE binary on demand.

>> Or I will have to encode them manually for each task (concept)?
> There have been ideas to add custom annotations and create the manual
> from them, but they've never come to fruition.  Right now this is a
> manual process, unfortunately.

Ok, manually encoded rules are ok for initial release of the IDE.
And if this IDE will be useful, we can add descriptions of tasks and properties.

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