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From "Eger, Patrick" <>
Subject RE: Directory Sync
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 16:53:25 GMT
> Hi Patrick
> On 2009-03-24, Eger, Patrick <> wrote:
> Unfortunately the mailing list manager has eaten your attachment.  The
> best approach is to open a bugzilla enhancement request and attach it
> there.


> > Hi, recently was working with some build scripts and found a
> > in the "Sync" task, namely that it cannot actually compare file
> > and instead works strictly off file date.
> I'm not sure how your implementation works, are you using arbitrary
> selectors or is it hard-coded to use content equality?

Hard-coded, though possible integration with the Sync task would need to
have some way to select content-based comparison.

> > I am submitting for inclusion in core or contrib, or if you'd like
> > to refactor and integrate into the existing Sync task (I did not
> > look at the code for Sync at all). LMK if any questions, I'm not on
> > the list so please CC me.
> Why did you chose to start from scratch instead of enhancing the
> existing task?  Just curious.

Mostly because I'm a complete moron and didn't even think of it :-) I'll
take a stab at Sync integration if I can find some spare time.

> Stefan



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