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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Bug 46326 - StarTeam: Use Cache Agent for Checkouts
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:13:06 GMT
Hi John

On 2009-03-06, Ballment, John <> wrote:

> I've integrated some patches from Paul Coste and added the following
> fixes:

> 39926 - StarTeam tasks to identify themselves as Ant + version number
> 40995 - StarTeam checkout support Promotion State
> 46326 - Use Cache Agent for Checkouts
> 46327 - Use cache credentials (optional) for logging in rather than
> having scripts with hardcoded passwords

You shouldn't resolve any of these bugs in bugzilla before the patches
have actually been applied to Ant's code base - you lose visibility to
the committers.

> How quickly can we get these patches added to a build?

The main problem with many of the optional SCM tasks (among others) is
that no single Ant committer (still) has an environment around to
actually test it.

What we have now is your patch and your word that it works - and the
only test we have ourselves would be "it compiles".  If you could any
other Starteam user to test your patched version, it would help

Even then, you'd be bound to waiting for the next Ant release, which
may be several months away even if your patches were applied

A Starteam Antlib that could be released separately from Ant would be
the best option, but we'd have a hard time getting this released for
the same reasons that you have a hard time finding anybody to apply
your patch - no current committer could test the code.


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