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From <>
Subject AW: Enhancing eclipse plugins for Ivy and Ant
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 05:25:13 GMT
> Thus, meaning that a sensible approach for us to follow may 
> be to build on top of existing Ant and IvyDE plugins for Eclipse.
> At a more detailed level, for us, it would mean:
> 1. Need for addition of tags/attributes to standard ant scripts.
> 2. Need for Addition of tags/attributes to standard ivy files.
> Can someone advise on:
> 1. Feasibility of such approach, i.e. to enhance this functionality,
> create a separate plugin - from both ant and ivy plugins perspective.

For development lifecycle I would recommend writing your own
You should then ask the two teams (IvyDE and Eclipse-Ant-PlugIn) for
extension points. 
If your adds are more generic you also could provide patches for these
two plugins.

> 2. Where I can find sources for both these.

IvyDE is in the repo of Apache Ant

The Ant plugin is, as Jeffrey said, part of Eclipse itself (plugins
org.eclipse.ant*, org.apache.ant is 'just' Ant itself - without docs).

> I know this is the dev mailing list for IvyDE but, am not sure about

Funny. dev@ant was created for the development of Ant and was widened
for the development of Ivy + IvyDE after their joining ;)

You have all the developers here at dev@ant: Ant, Ivy, IvyDE - and some
Eclipse-Ant developers are also listening. 

> If this is not the correct place for ant, does someone know 
> where I should be writing for the Ant plugin?

The correct mailinglist should be


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