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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [FWD] Bugzilla upgrade and proposed change to workflow
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 04:57:22 GMT
from our nice Bugzilla admin

> Bugzilla has been upgraded to 3.2.2. Of the several new features,
> the most significant is that the workflow is now configurable.
> I have taken the opportunity to remove ASSIGNED from the possible
> states that a bug may transition to. The reason for this is that it
> changes the e-mail address that bug notifications are sent to. This
> means bug changes no longer appear on the mailing lists; neither are
> they archived.
> I would like to go further and remove the ASSIGNED status
> completely. If this will cause your project any issues, please let
> bugzilla-admin know. I won't do anything about this for at least a
> week to give people a chance to respond.
> Assuming there are no complaints I will change the status of all
> bugs currently in the ASSIGNED state to NEW and re-set the
> notification e-mail address for those bugs to the default for the
> project.

We do use the ASSIGNED feature and I guess it may be more difficult to
say "I work on this" without it.  I do understand the "notification
mail is changed" problem, so maybe removing ASSIGNED is the right
thing to do.

We should talk about how we could change our workflow and maybe even
ask to ASSIGNED around.

How about the other developers?


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