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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: explicitly specified archive input
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 13:52:17 GMT
On 2009-02-24, Matt Benson <> wrote:

> I'm thinking maybe what we need here [1] is a way to wrap arbitrary
> resource collections with archival information, like extracting the
> archive attribute getters of ArchiveFileSet to an
> ArchivalResourceCollection interface, implemented by ArchiveFileSet
> as well as sugg. ArchivalResources which would take any embedded
> Resource(s)... then filelists or explicit <file> resources could be
> used (these should fail if missing I think).

That's what I hinted at with my comment about filelists (I thought
filelists would fail if missing as well).  So yes, the bigger problem
for the more strict collections is/was that you loose information.

> Then to create archives, archival tasks would look not for
> ArchiveFileSet per se but ArchivalResourceCollection or ArchiveInput
> or whatever we want to call it.  What holes have I missed in this
> approach?

If you want to use that approach (and I don't think you are miissing
anything), please don't use instanceof checks but rather the method I introduced when I extraced the mapping logic -
that way one can write decorators for new interfaces without having to
implement all the other interafaces as well.


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