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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Changing manifest task to accept classpath by reference and nested element!
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:15:31 GMT
On 2009-02-12, pedro surf <> wrote:

> I believe changing the manifest task to accept a classpathref as a
> parameter or a nested element would be a great change that would
> increase the readability of the build and reduce the amount of code
> necessary to do a simple (and usual) task.

I'd probably go for a nested element and allow it to be an arbitrary
file system based resource collection instead of a reference to a path
- that way you coud even define the classpath inline if you don't need
it anywhere else.

> I don´t know if this change is already in the plans of the ant team,

Not that I was aware of it.

> but if not I would like to do it. However I´ve never worked in a
> open source project, so any help (best practices, code reviews, ...)
> would be great.

Different projects take different approaches.

The one I think has worked best for Ant is to discuss the feature
itself, potentially including some implementation details, on this
list.  And when it is time to actually write code you open an
enhancement request in Bugzilla and attach your changes as a patch
(unified diff or "svn diff" against the current Subversion trunk of
Ant preferred).


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