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From <>
Subject AW: [FWD] Bugzilla upgrade and proposed change to workflow
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 07:27:19 GMT
>We do use the ASSIGNED feature and I guess it may be more difficult to
>say "I work on this" without it.  I do understand the "notification
>mail is changed" problem, so maybe removing ASSIGNED is the right
>thing to do.
>We should talk about how we could change our workflow and maybe even
>ask to ASSIGNED around.
>How about the other developers?

In the past my personal workflow was
- getting a NEW issue
- working
- testing
- commit
- change to RESOLVED

The ASSIGNED is good for a resource planning, so that only one developer
is working on one issue. But I think we dont have a big potential for
resource collision here. If a patch is "fast" (1 day or so) to realize,
then thats ok. For longer work a discussion on dev@ant was done often.

Another discussion could be migrating to Jira.


BTW where can I see the defined workflows in BugZilla + Jira?

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