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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla Issue 45902 (Up-to-date checks for JARs broken due to comparison of dir timestamps)
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 19:05:52 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> <zip> has been changed to ignore directory resources

The intent was to ignore timestamp changes in directory resources when determining whether
or not to rebuild an existing JAR, not to ignore directories altogether.

> * a single empty directory is added to the sources - I think Ant will
>   now no longer create a new archive

Is this really a bug? I guess it depends on whether you consider directory entries in ZIP
files valuable (other than the fact that it can cause problems for an entry to 
exist but its parent dir entry to not exist).

> * we are updating a zip or reading from another ArchiveFileSet and the
>   directories have Unix permissions set that are different from the
>   tasks-level permissions - I'm afraid we are going to lose the
>   original permissions.

Only during an incremental build after changing the source permissions, right?

> there may be more problems with this approach.

There may. Feel free to revert/fix if you think you understand better than I do.

Note that in my test case, creating and deleting changes the timestamp of the
dir. It would be OK if Zip therefore recreated the archive _once_ (the "second" 
  run). But it keeps on recreating it over and over, apparently because the timestamp of the
dir entry does not get updated. If this problem can be fixed, then I guess we 
would have a more conservative fix for the bug. Probably in that case the first au:assertDestIsUptodate
should be removed from the test case.

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