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From Gilles Scokart <>
Subject Re: Integration of antunit in junit
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2009 21:37:03 GMT
I finished a first step.  I have refactored AntUnit task in order to
extract the logic of running the antunit tests from the logic related
to the interaction with the container project.   Feedback are welcome.

I will now clean and check-in my junit runners.  But this will have some impact.
The first one is light.  For a junit3 adapter, I will have to add
Junit dependency.  I plan to put it in a specific package, and use
junit only from this package.  I guess this one is OK.

The second one is bigger.  For junit4 adapter, I will have move to
java 1.5.  Is there an objection to move the entire antunit library to
java 1.5?  Or would you preffer to only compile a junit4 package with
java 1.5 ?

I'm +1 to migrate antunit completely to 1.5 (I know, again the same

Gilles Scokart

2009/1/19 Kevin Jackson <>:
>>> I already some code prepared to support this.  The adaptation layer :
>>> public class CompilePath extends TestCase {
>>>       public static TestSuite suite() {
>>>               File script = new
>>> File("src/test/java/net/sourceforge/deco/ant/test-compilepath.xml");
>>>               return new AntUnitSuite(script);
>>>       }
>> Looks good.
>>> Before check-in the code, I would like to have a feed back to know if
>>> I'm the only one to find it useful, and if that doesn't contradict
>>> with the current antunit philosophy.
>> You are talking about adding it to AntUnit, right?
>> +1 from me.
> +1 - looks quite handy - at the moment I'm a shell luddite with
> antunit and this would be nice to try in IntelliJ and Eclipse
> Kev
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