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From <>
Subject AW: buildlist/subant in parallel
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 06:17:20 GMT
>> > Of particular concern is logging: your logger must be able to deal 
>with the
>> > fact that you have projects running in parallel or your 
>logs will be 
>> > incomprehensible jumble.
>> Thanks for the tip! Prefixing logging lines, and/or writing to
>> separate log files per project look like reasonable options here. Was
>> your solution something like this? (if you can say :)
>I can't (yet) talk about the details of our solution; sorry.

Regarding to logging I thought about prefexing with the target name, but
havent implemented it in the ParallelExecutor.

Regarding the Java version - it depends if it should be in th Ant core
(JDK 1.3 ATM) or external (like the sandbox). In the later case you are
free to use any version. Just put a note in the readme.


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