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From <>
Subject AW: buildlist/subant in parallel
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 14:54:49 GMT
>I'm not aware of any implementation, but I think it might be an
>excellent idea.  It would be a good step in the direction of
>concurrent build.
>However, note that implement the ivy-parallel-subant is not the only
>thing you will have to do.
>You might also have the ensure that your sub project can indeed be
>build in parallel.  The kind of issue you might have to solve are :
>- Thread safety issue in some tasks
>- Current access to some external ressources (database, repository,
>file system, ...)
>Anyway, I'm sure that concurrent build is the direction we have to
>take.  And an ivy-parallel-subant would be a good first step.
>Gilles Scokart
>2009/1/27 Alex Iliev <>:
>> I was thinking that the combination of ivy:buildlist and subant is a
>> perfect candidate for parallelization: the dependency graph tells us
>> exactly which Ivy modules can be built in parallel. I'd be interested
>> in implementing some such functionality. Any thoughts from 
>the list on
>> whether something like this exists or is in progress?

I have written an executor which tries to parallelize a "normal" Ant

Maybe you can get some ideas ;-)


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