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From Robey Pointer <>
Subject Re: patch (ivy): log conflict results at verbose
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 08:04:00 GMT
On 8 Jan 2009, at 08:12, Xavier Hanin wrote:

> These log messages are confusing, beacause they are not resolve time
> conflicts, but retrieve time conflicts: when Ivy retrieves a set of
> artifact, if it has to retrieve two artifacts to the same location, it
> complains about a conflict. For instance if you have a dependency on
> acme#foo;1.0 in conf A and acme#foo;2.0 in conf B, then retrieve  
> both confs
> together with a pattern in which you do not put neither the conf nor  
> the
> revision, Ivy will inform about these "conflicts", and select the  
> latest
> version (this behaviour is not currently pluggable nor configurable).
> IMO adding an option to put these messages at verbose level would be  
> nice,
> what could be even better is to make the behaviour pluggable/ 
> configurable,
> and make the message explicit to tell that this is a retrieve  
> conflict, not
> a resolve conflict.

Is it possible that it's getting confused because the same packages  
are part of two different configs?

     <dependency org="org.scala-lang" name="scala-compiler"  
rev="2.7.2" conf="bootstrap->*; test->*" />
     <dependency org="org.scala-lang" name="scala-library"  
rev="2.7.2" />

You can see it happen immediately on my "smile" project, with a clean  
ivy cache. Smile is on github here:

(Build by just typing "ant". Nothing more than java 5 is required.)

I don't take exception to any aspect of these messages except (1)  
since they are not actually conflicts, (2) I want to be able to  
silence the messages during a build. Dropping them to verbose (as I  
did in my patch) is sufficient.


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