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From Robey Pointer <>
Subject Re: patch (ivy): log conflict results at verbose
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 04:29:01 GMT
On 6 Jan 2009, at 12:14, Maarten Coene wrote:

> I'm not convinced that this is the proper way to solve your problem.
> If they are not conflicts, they shouldn't get logged as conflict.  
> Could you give us more info and an example of your log?

I agree, since they aren't conflicts, even the word "conflict" in the  
message is misleading. I just didn't want to change too much -- the  
real problem is that it's logged at info level and can't be quieted.  
Feel free to change the text.

The messages are things like this:

[ivy:retrieve] 	conflict on /Users/robey/code/scala/configgy/target/ 
libs/default/scala-library-2.7.2.jar in [default]: 2.7.2 won
[ivy:retrieve] 	conflict on /Users/robey/code/scala/configgy/target/ 
libs/test/scala-compiler-2.7.2.jar in [test]: 2.7.2 won
[ivy:retrieve] 	conflict on /Users/robey/code/scala/configgy/target/ 
libs/test/scala-library-2.7.2.jar in [test]: 2.7.2 won

I see them in every project I build, at home or at work. Just build a  
few different projects and you will see them. I gather that the real  
message should be something along the lines of "I found jars in your  
cache and picked the one you asked for".


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