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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: FileSet with copy fails with NPE..
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 15:58:02 GMT
On 2008-12-15, Raja Nagendra Kumar <> wrote:

> I am getting to feel that, I did not explain the senario correctly.. Let me
> try again to support why I feel it is obvious.

It is obvious to me as well.

> As DeepCopy is used with in the build xml file, could ant consider all the
> copy or any other api used with in  DeepCopyTask be part of the same
> project! (in this case project called J2MECommon)

No, it can't.

First of all the assumption of having one global Project instance that
applies to all is simply not valid (IDEs, parallel, <ant> and all
that), so there is no way Ant could provide any sort of default in a
global place (see below for a not-so-global way).

Since you are creating the Copy instance Ant doesn't know about it.
For any sort of parent child relation to hold, Ant would need to know
that your task is the parent of the Copy instance you've created.  If
you were required to tell Ant "this is mine", then it would most likely
look like myCopy.bindToOwner(this).

The not-so-global solution would involve ThreadLocal Project
instances.  They are less likely to be wrong, but can still be - <ant>
changes the current project during the life of a single thread, for

All in all I don't think there would be any benfit the later would
provide (you'd still need to manually configure things if ThreadLocal
turns out to be too weak) that was worth the added complexity in Ant.

I'd stick with "bindToOwner".


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