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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: EasyAnt <use>/<extends> vs <import>
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:35:23 GMT
On 2008-11-13, Jean-Louis BOUDART <> wrote:

> I'll try to give you details

[snip - removed <import phase since you didn't give the file]

> by typing ant -p i can see
> org.apache.easyant#build-std-java.compile.iLikeToCompileJavaClasses --> i
> like to compile java classes :)
> org.apache.easyant#build-std-java.myPrefix.plop --> foo bar

This is what I get with Ant trunk:

$ ./ -f ../../Temp/u.xml -p
Buildfile: c:\Temp\u.xml

Main targets:

 compile.iLikeToCompileJavaClasses  i like to compile java classes :)
 myPrefix.plop                      foo bar

This seems to be what you want, I just don't understand why your
result may be different.  Could you please do a diff between your
ImportTask and ProjectHelper2 and Ant's svn trunk?  You must have
missed/modified some part of trunk that is not related to phases.


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