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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: EasyAnt phases
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 12:35:40 GMT
2008/11/19 Bruce Atherton <>:
> I think that summary does the job nicely. The only other topic I saw brought
> up on this thread was whether a target-group should be allowed to have tasks
> in it rather than requiring it to be empty. This can also be discussed
> separately, though, if people feel strongly enough about it.

There is 2 other topics :
- What about the build events?
- What about the if/unless?

Concerning the build events, It looks a very nice feature, but digging
deeper I fear it doesn't work :

  <target-group name="foo"/>
  <target-group name="bar" depends="bar"/>

  <target name="init" target-group ="foo,bar"/>

In which group do you have init executed?  The current interpretation
is "targets are not executed inside a group, they are executed before
the group is executed".

A more interresting example is :
  <target-group name="foo"/>
  <target-group name="bar" depends="bar"/>

  <target name="a" target-group ="bar"/>
  <target name="b" depends="a" target-group ="foo"/>

The execution sequence will be a , b , foo , bar.

This illustrates the view target-group is a group of targets inside
which the targets are executed is wrong, and thus my idea of having
events was wrong.

Perhaps we should rename the concepts to not give the impression that
this is something 'inside' which you can plug target.  What about
'milestone', 'step', 'dynamic-target', 'goal' (who said 'phase'?).

Concerning the if/unless, however, I still like the idea.  Maybe the
targets having a target-group should copy the if/unless of their
target-group?  (problem comes when there are multiple if/unless...)

Gilles Scokart

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