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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: EasyAnt phases
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 12:26:05 GMT
2008/11/13 Gilles Scokart <>:
> I'm +1 to put the concept in Ant's core, marked as experimental.
> A question that I have is how deep we want to push this concept?
> A first level would be that a phase or a target-group is a "normal"
> tartget for which the depends is build based on the other target that
> are found. (with that view, I wonder by the way what motivate the fact
> that the phase have no tasks).
> A second level (maybe I go too far) might be to put it deeper up to
> the event notification.  A build that use phase might have
> phaseStarted and phaseFinished event sent around targetStarted and
> targetFinished.

A third level (or 2bis) : what will be the meaning if the if/unless
attribute on a phase ?
With the simple aproach in which phase are 'simple' targets, it does
nothing.  But I think it would be more intuitice if that would mean
"do or skip all the target bound in that phase.

Gilles Scokart

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