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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject IvyDE 2.0 roadmap
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 22:15:48 GMT
I would like to discuss about the next release of IvyDE.

The last release of IvyDE was made 4 months ago, there are some  
important bug fixes that make IvyDE a lot more stable, so I think it  
is a good time to get an IvyDE release now.
Thought I don't think that that next release is enough tested to be  
flagged as "2.0 final", I think a "beta" state is more appropriate,  
there are still opened and unresolved bugs. And the current  
implementation of the "resolve in workspace" is a little bit hacky. I  
would see that release as a milestone in a stable 2.0 roadmap.

For that beta release, I would like to take time to include IVYDE-120  
(make IvyDE work in Eclipse 3.2), and also IVYDE-119 (little  
refactoring of the UI, maybe together with IVYDE-106 (choose the  
configuration used during retrieve)).

After that beta out, I think we should focus then on a 2.0 final,  
making every bugs fixed, having a correct "resolve in workspace"  



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