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From <>
Subject AW: Updating the Continuous/Synergy tasks that are shipped with Ant
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:39:25 GMT
We are using Synergy 6.5 at the moment and using it since ... mmh ... 5.1? 4.5?
With 6.5 Synergy has a Java client (ok present in 6.1 also), but sadly no real and open "API"
so these tasks wrap the command line client.

As often with scm tasks a test environment for unit tests is difficult ...


<ccm:start user="" pwd="" server="" database="" session="" uiDatabaseDir="" initialRole=""/>
Starts a Synergy session

<ccm:stop session=""/>
Stops a Synergy session

<ccm:connect session=""/>
Connects to a running session. ("CCM_ADDR" not set by the Java client any more)

<ccm:checkout file="" comment="" commentfile="" task="">
Check files out

<ccm:checkoutProject project="" release="" version="" workarea=""/>
Check a project out
  ccm co -p ${project}-${version} -release ${release} -mod -path ${workarea}
<ccm:reconfigure recurse="" ccmproject="" dir=""/>
Reconfigure command

<ccm:createTask synopsis="" resolver="" release="" description="" asDefault=""/>
Creates a new task

<ccm:checkinTask task=""/>

<ccm:sessionInfo database="info.db"
<echoproperties  prefix="info."/>
Gets information about the current session
      [echoproperties] #Ant properties
      [echoproperties] #Mon May 22 09:46:33 CEST 2006
      [echoproperties] info.interface=Command Interface
      [echoproperties] info.user=mat
      [echoproperties] info.session=1707
      [echoproperties] info.ip=
      [echoproperties] info.db=/rzf/db/skm/ccm_databases/uebungen

<ccm:role property=""/>
<fail message="No Buildmanager">
        <ccm:role role="build_mgr"/>
Checks for a give role (task and condition)

<ccm:objectVersion session="" property="" file="" defaultValue=""/>
Stores the object version of a given file in a property. Optional default value if not under
CM control.

<ccm:changelist session="" release="" txtfile="" xmlfile="" detailed="">
    <ccm:linkhandler protocol="jira://" prefix=""/>
Creates a changelist by getting all completed tasks of a release. The result is a text or
xml file with release name and task synopsis. If "detailed" with their documentations too.
A XSL could transform that into HTML.
        <javaresource name="changelist2html.xsl"/>
    <param name="release" expression="${}/${release.version}"/>

<ccm:move file="foo.txt" tofile="bar.txt"/>
    <fileset dir="src/etc"/>
    <mapper type="glob" from="*.xslt" to="*.xsl"/>
Moving with Synergy.

<ccm:online dir="" online="" result=""/>
Checks whether an open Synergy session is available.

>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Dave [] 
>Gesendet: Freitag, 28. November 2008 10:40
>An: Ant Developers List
>Betreff: Re: Updating the Continuous/Synergy tasks that are 
>shipped with Ant
>Sounds good. I haven't started working on them yet, but I'd probably be
>enhancing the existing tasks a little (as they're still 
>relevant) and adding
>one or two new tasks.I'll post back here once I have something to show.
>Are you also using Synergy at your workplace, or was the antlib for
>something else?
>On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 7:11 AM, <> wrote:
>> >Hey all,
>> >I'm the build manager working a financial company in Ireland.
>> >I'd like to add some more functionality to the standard
>> >Continuous/ Synergy
>> >tasks which come with Ant.
>> >They're quite old now and could use some updating.
>> >How do I go about contributing source to the Ant project?
>> >Do I need to send svn diff's to the mailing list, or is 
>their another
>> >preferred way?
>> I would suggest to deprecate the internal tasks and create a 
>new antlib.
>> Do you have some implementations?
>> I have written a new antlib for my company and I can ask for
>> contributing that.
>> Jan
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