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From <>
Subject AW: EasyAnt phases
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2008 12:04:12 GMT
> > There is one change: the current Ant behavior is to respect the
order in
> > which dependencies are set. The phase as currently proposed does not
> > with this, making it only usable in certain use cases.
> Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but AFAIK there's nothing in the

> documentation that states target dependencies will be executed in the 
> order listed. The fact that the default executor respects the order is
> side effect of the implementation, not a guaranteed behavior.

While implementing the ParallelExecutor in the sandbox I got reaction in
that case.
Basically order does matter (at the moment).

But this was the basic idea of that executor: start all targets from the
depends clause 
in parallel and start executing the current target if all finished
without failure.

But someone pointed out
( that the manual
itself gives that hint:

  "It should be noted, however, that Ant's depends attribute only
specifies the order in 
  which targets should be executed - it does not affect whether the
target that specifies 
  the dependency(s) gets executed if the dependent target(s) did not
(need to) run.

  Ant tries to execute the targets in the depends attribute in the order
they appear (from 
  left to right). Keep in mind that it is possible that a target can get
executed earlier 
  when an earlier target depends on it."

The need of clarification was said in


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