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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: AW: Dynamic property names
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 21:32:24 GMT
Remie Bolte schrieb:
> Thanks for the input!
> I found a different way to deal with the problem, without hacks :)
> Sometimes it is useful not to be able to find a solution, it allows you to
> look back a couple of steps.

hack != bad IMO
i use that term for a tricky solution or workaround when the standards
don't work as expected or lack a specific feature.

You are absolutely right, often you'll find a simple(r) solution after
taking a nap or another cup of coffee. Needing a hack is mostly an
indicator something went wrong before > Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)
But sometimes i need a hack to make it work.

> However, I do still have the question why double expanding is not
> implemented. Is there a conceptual issue, are there strong arguments not to
> implement it, or is it just hard to do?

One of the fundamentals in ant is the immutability of a property once set.
There are some collections of anttasks (antelope,antcontrib,antxtras)
that provide mutable properties, as there are requests by
ant users (btw. it's easy to overwrite properties with <script>
and use of the ant api).
So if others did it, i believe it wouldn't be that hard to implement
for ant core also, probable conceptual problems though !?

Of course the ant developers receive the user request for mutable
properties and so it appears as AntLib. Maybe that's the way to
keep the core ant 'clean', but nevertheless provide requested features.

Regards, Gilbert

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