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From Mark Salter <>
Subject Re: javac task problem in Java 6
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2008 00:49:53 GMT
Sergey Bondarenko wrote:

> I created simple test case, so could you please look at it and try to find
> out the cause of the problem?
> There are two bat-files in archive: works.bat and fails.bat. The only
> difference between them is JDK version.
I don't have the same versions of the jdk as you (jdk1.5.0_06 &
jdk1.6.0_03 here), but here both these versions 'work'.  There could of
course be changes in your versions to cause the failure...

...May I suggest you invoke ant with -verbose -diagnostics, so you may
check if there are any differences between the two invocations in your
environment at all?  Comparing the full output from each jdk may provide
some clues.


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