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From "Jean-Louis BOUDART" <>
Subject Re: EasyAnt project
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:26:57 GMT
> FWIW, I'm not fond of the "phase" name either. What you describe is
> better described as a target-group, with any target being able to join
> the group at will, and where there's no implicit intra-group
> dependencies, and no "body" to the target-group (i.e. the group is
> "abstract" in a way).

I like the target-group name too :)
I think <target-group> should only depend on another <target-group>
<target-group name="test-compile" description="..." />
<target-group name="test" description="..." depends="test-compile"/>

 Just as you seem to propose, I'd be in favor of requiring your <phase>
> or my <target-group> to be explicitly declared before it can be
> referenced. This would avoid typos implicitly creating groups
> unbeknown to the build writer / fat fingered individual ;-)

I agree, we must declared it explicitly!

Just Stefan pocking gentle fun at me, because I vehemently argued for
> what you propose when import was introduced. If you look back at the
> archives, I was strongly against using the import*ed* build file name
> in the import*er*, as it needlessly coupled the two, when good
> compartmentalization is essential to flexible and scalable designs (I
> even proposed the ability of the import*er* to give its own prefix as
> well). I also argued for separate import/include, just like in XSLT.
> In both cases my objections were ignored. So it's interesting that a
> separate group of Frenchmen now wants these same changes in Ant.

Is this a French invasion ? :p

 When I argue what I believe is the right way to do something, and my
> point is being dismissed in favor of a lesser design (at least to me),
> this typically leaves me frustrated. Stefan "remue le couteau dans la
> plaie" comme on dit chez nous ;-) --DD

Ok now i understand

2008/10/29 Stefan Bodewig <>

> BTW, targets (and your phase variant of it) are not tasks.

My bad, i wanted to write "abstract target" but my fingers has wrotten
something different. Maybe i've taken too much coffee yesterday.
(Interresting my fingers can write something different of i'm thinking
about... )

 I like Dominique's target group more than the name "phase".  And I
> understand that EasyAnt builds on the Maven concept to make things
> easier for users switching.  Without EasyAnt, the name would be a bad
> choice inside Ant.

There is no problem to rename "phase" concept in "target-group".
I think as you said target group is more self-explicit.

We'll probably need support and feedback on others modifications/concept on
EasyAnt that could be included in ant or ivy.
For example we need :
- to add "visibility" feature on target (something close to private /
public) (ant related)
As we want to introduce prefix on some kind of import it could be nice to
have a way to display only "public" target when you type "ant -p".
And to provide a way to see All targets (public / private) when we type "ant
myPrefix -p" that should display all the targets available for the import
we've called "myPrefix".

-  to provide support for parent module (ivy related)
This is probably close to this issue
Even if i think support for parent module is not only related "dependency".
We could imagine that parent support allow you to inherit dependencies /
configurations / licences / homeurl / etc ...?

What do you think about that?


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