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From <>
Subject AW: Build failed on CI server
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 12:11:54 GMT
>> [19:39:19]: [junit] Testcase:
>> testClear( Caused an ERROR
>> [19:39:19]: [junit] null [19:39:19]: [junit]
>> java.lang.StackOverflowError [19:39:19]:
>Indicates the tests are being run against a pretty old (i.e. a few
>days older than trunk) version of VectorSet.  If you look into the
>stack trace youll see line numbers that don't make sense when compared
>to trunk.

You're right. I dont know why TC hasnt updated that, but I cleaned the
local checkout
so TC 'had' to update all files and now that test passed.

Only one test failed:

[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] Build File:
[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] Tests run: 1, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Time
elapsed: 0,016 sec
[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] Target: test-move-caseonly FAILED
[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] at line 31, column 80
[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] Message: abc was not renamed aBc
[15:54:05]: [au:antunit] took 0,016 sec

  <target name="test-move-caseonly">
    <!-- this test is inspired by bugzilla 41948 -->
    <!-- Especially interesting if executed on case-insensitive file
systems -->
    <mkdir dir="${output}"/>
    <touch file="${output}/abc"/>
    <move file="${output}/abc" tofile="${output}/aBc"/>
    <fileset dir="${output}" id="myfs">
      <include name="aBc"/>
    <pathconvert refid="myfs" property="myproperty" setonempty="false"/>
    <au:assertPropertySet name="myproperty" message="abc was not renamed


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