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From <>
Subject AW: FYI: Ant listed as "defect free"
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 06:54:03 GMT
>Maybe the 'old path' is the better one ATM.
>I could use a
>    <fail unless="findbugs.home" message="You must specify
>'findbugs.home' to the install location of Findbugs"/>
>for ensure that the user had done that. (Maybe I was happy about the
>success with Ivy+Checkstyle ...)

As Xavier does an "init-ivy" if implemented an "init-findbugs": download
Findbugs and set its home.

>>> - FB run throws errors I dont understand
>>> [fb:findbugs] Running FindBugs...  [fb:findbugs] Warning: could not
>>> load plugin -sortByClass
>>I think it may choke on the empty plugin list, which may make FindBugs
>>misinterpret the -sortByClass option as the name of a plugin.
>Maybe. But I couldnt find a place with documentation about what to
>specify there.

Works now.


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