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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: extended xslt task - use URIResolvers to create DependSet
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2008 16:51:46 GMT

On Oct 27, 2008, at 11:04 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On Sun, 26 Oct 2008, Robert Koberg <> wrote:
>> * where is the DependSet being checked in the transformation(s)? I
>> can't find it :)
> Guessing, since I didn't follow the discussion: nowhere.
> <dependset> deletes the target files if it thinks they are outdated,
> so the way dependset factors into the transformation is by removing
> the target file and thus making it appear out of date WRT the source
> file.

OK, got it. So it sounds like a DependSet is not appropriate for this  
type of thing

>> * I will need to write to the file system to maintain the
>> cache. What would be a good way of handling this? Should I create a
>> directory in the baseDir for all transforms. Then a directory per
>> xslt task. Inside that dir create a properties file per transform?
>> How would you do it?
> Make it an attribute with some reasonable default (your descriptions
> sounds good, but how would you define "per xslt task"? use the
> stylesheet's name?).  See the <modified> selector for example.

The templates' URIResolver could work like the <modified> selector.  
But the transformer's URIResolver is different. Since it is at a per  
transform level it is not really the same (where the transform can  
happen over all XML files in some src dir).

I would love to use a properties implementation that allowed getting a  
subset of properties based on 'startsWith' see:

  ?? I did a search in the ant source and did not find  

Example props file:

main1.xsl.templates.import1.xsl = 6873gf43gf
main1.xsl.templates.include1.xsl = 7fg34gry = 823478fr87134 = 1y83gf8734

(probably using paths in the key names ??)

So, for example,  
SomeImplOfAbstractConfiguration.getKeys("main1.xsl.templates") returns  
the keys to check for the templates recomplile and to perform the  

Is something like this available now in Ant? If not, would the commons  
configuration be OK as a dependency? I bet it would be useful in other  
places ??

Definitely open to ideas for this :)

>> * new class name TraxCachingLiason -- ideas?
> CachingTraxLiaison - but then again, all badly chosen names in Ant are
> mine (TM) ;-)

I used that name so it would show up next to TraxLiaison in the  
javadoc :)

thanks for your input,

> Stefan
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