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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: How to automize Ant
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 07:14:56 GMT

> I have downloaded the cruisecontrol.I have cvs.Can you let me know what
> should i do next or can you give me any documentation on it.Please guide me.

You're asking setup/config questions about continuous integration on
the ant developer list.  It's not really an appropriate forum for
these kinds of questions.  Also asking 'Please guide me' when it looks
like you haven't tried to configure this yourself or read the
documentation that is already available is not good ettiquette.
Please try to solve your problems first, then if you get stuck ask
"I've tried to do this, here is my config file, this is the error -
can anyone explain"

For CI tools I can recommend cruisecontrolrb if your not afraid of
having a ruby runtime on your system - it's much easier to setup and
configure than the classic cruise control.


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