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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject <ant allownativebasedir="..."/>
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2008 12:36:30 GMT

before becoming lucky by picking the best two weeks of Northrhine
Westfalia's school holidays as our family vacation time I committed a
change to the <ant> task that added an alowNativeBasedir attribute.

When this attribute has been set to true, the basedir of the called
project will be the same that it would be when invoked from the
command line (i.e. the dir attribute and the inheritall properties are
ignored for this).

Not only is this what one might have expected to be the default
behavior of the Ant task, it is also part of my attempt to fix

Dominique stumbled over the commit and commented on the bugzilla
issue.  Like him I prefer to keep any discussion on this list (I never
intended to discuss the change in bugzilla but was keeping a record of
the changes I made).

<ant>'s dir attribute is also used to actually locate the build file,
so in certain situations it may be valid to set both attributes on the
same task.

Currently I'm stuck with implementing allowNativeBasedir (or whatever
its final name may be) in situations that involve more than one layer
of <ant> tasks - which is what we have in the bugreport: a build
invoked via <ant> in turn uses <subant> and the later doesn't set the
expected basedirs for the (grand)child builds.

Let's say we have:

<project basedir="A" name="A">
  <ant dir="foo" antfile="B.xml"/>

<project basedir="B" name="B">
  <ant allowNativeBasedir="true" antfile="C.xml"/>

then project B will have a basedir of "foo" when run via project A
(which is fine since it is documented that way).  The problem is, so
will have project C because of the way we implemented "basedir

When project B is created we set "basedir" as an "inherited property",
i.e. a property somewhere between a "user property" and a "normal
property".  Even with inheritall="false", <ant> will invoke
copyInheritedProperties() to copy over all inherited properties from
project B to project C - and in the presence of the property "basedir"
project C will ignore the basedir attribute of the build file.

We can't simply change copyInheritedProperties' signature in order to
say "but skip basedir" because it would break PropertyHelper's public
API (and this is an explicit extension point).  At the same time
PropertyHelper doesn't provide an API to iterate over inherited
properties so we can't emulate copy... from within the Ant task.

Right now I see these options:

* break the PropertyHelper API (we may have already done so for 1.8.0,
  I'm not sure)

* break ProjectHelper's API so we can tell it to ignore the basedir
  property and read the attribute - yet another explicit extension
  point of Ant.

* Have the Ant task peek into the build file and read the basedir
  attribute itself - and perform the same logic of ProjectHelper2.

I don't like either approach.  Any other idea?

Not making basedir an inherited property while still retaining the
(sometimes strange but documented) behaviour of <ant> doesn't look
attractive either.


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