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From Tony Sweeney <>
Subject Re: Allowing antlibs to contribute diagnostics & version info
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 15:24:47 GMT
Why not use '-V' for version, and '-v' for verbose (or vice versa)?   
Perl and Python both do this (opposite ways round, as it happens).   
Ruby uses '-v' for both (see man page); make and cc use '-v' for  
version, awk and grep use '-V'; there's no existing 'standard', so  
it's just a question of which way round.  If we're voting, my +1 would  
be for '-V' -> version.


On Aug 26, 2008, at 2:32 PM, Jeffrey E Care wrote:

> "Gilles Scokart" <> wrote on 08/19/2008 02:01:53 PM:
>> Why not using the same logic that we have with ant -p and ant -p -v.?
>> We could have ant -v -version and ant -v -diagnostics.
> Having started working on this now, I've discovered there are a few  
> issues
> with this approach.
> 1) With the current argument handling logic, this would only work if  
> the
> user specifies "-v" first: if user specifies "-version" first then
> argument handling stops immediately, the version is shown & Ant exits.
> 2) When "-v -version" is specified by the user, the current argument
> handling logic actually shows the Ant version twice.
> I would prefer not to do a major rewrite of the argument handling  
> logic
> just to implement this feature. Is anyone opposed to adding a new
> "-fullversion" argument?

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