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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Strange problem with taskdef and antlib.xml]
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 19:26:51 GMT

Stefan Bodewig schrieb:
> I'm even more convinced that it is something with the ZIP archive
> itself.

hm ,works fine on two machines, but failed on a third one.
all run with the same version of jdk, ant and the same OS

the error message =
"Error reading project file: ... " occurs only in
ProjectHelper and ProjectHelperImpl classes in ant 1.6.5
and comes from the catch block of an InputStream

my last tests with

<taskdef resource="de/.../.../ant/antlib.xml">
   <classpath path="path/tothejar/that/didnt/work/>

and the same jar that didn't work with
<taskdef resource="de/.../.../ant/antlib.xml"/>
and %ANT_HOME%/lib/xxx.jar worked like a charm on the production
machine with a small test script that loads some selfwritten
tasks ?!?!?!?

completely baffled ... but i'm not allowed to try it again
with the real production scripts and
<taskdef resource="de/.../.../ant/antlib.xml"/>
combined with %ANT_HOME%/lib/thejarthatdidntworklateley.jar

is there a difference between jar loading
a) taskdef with classpath path="..."
b) taskdef with jar in %ANT_HOME%/lib

why does the same jar file fails only on one machine, is there
a kind of jdk configuration when dealing with ImputStreams
or loading of jar files ?!

it did run fine on all machines before adding the new task
and extending the antlib.xml

>> btw. what's the meaning of =
>> "oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree" ?
>> simple words please ;-)
> and my only response "I have no idea" we get deeply into zlib.  If you
> use the serach machine that is not a verb on that phrase you will only
> find references to zlib or other code using zlib internally to read a
> zip archive.

i know it's not an ant bug but a java problem, as the ProjectHelper* 
classes only use a simple InputStream, but i thought someone on that 
list could help, already came across the same problem.

Regards, Gilbert

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