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From Hans Dockter <>
Subject Improving Maven integration for Ivy resolvers
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2008 16:46:43 GMT

I think it would be really cool if Ivy were able to deploy ivy- 
generated poms out-of-the-box.

I have the following design in mind for improving Maven integration  
of the Ivy resolvers.

- Introduce an interface MavenAware which has methods like:
-- setUsePom
-- setMaven2Compatible

I would be nice if any resolver shipped with Ivy would eventually  
implement this interface (right now the maven2compatible flag is a  
custom property of some resolvers only).

Resolvers capable of publishing would generate a pom.xml and deploy  
it, if usePom is true. A resolver should be configurable in a way so  
that it either deploys an ivy.xml or a Maven pom or both.

Does this makes sense?

- Hans

Hans Dockter
Gradle Project lead

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