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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Strange problem with taskdef and antlib.xml]
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 21:23:00 GMT

Hi, Stefan

Stefan Bodewig schrieb:
>> Error reading project file
>> jar:file:/E:/SCM_Sync/tools/ant/lib/hukit13ant.jar!/de/huk/it13/ant/antl
>> ib.xml: oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree
> sounds like an encoding issue, I agree.

It did always run fine without any problems. I have an eclipse
project, do the coding and then export -> jar
ok i'll write an antfile for that, if i have time too ;-) 

All editing including antlib.xml happened in my workspace.
I even saw some tabs and trailing spaces in the antlib.xml
in the working version of the jar.

>> whereas other scripts running with the same line
>> <taskdef resource="de/.../.../ant/antlib.xml">
>> and the same jar run fine as before.

Forget it, it got even stranger in the meantime.
I had a deeper look at the new task from my teammate and
corrected some flaws, tuned it.

The situation now =

the myanttasks.jar with the new class and the extended
antlib.xml runs fine on my developer instance and on our
test machine, but it fails in production :-(

Now the error occurs _whenever_ the jar gets involved via
<taskdef resource="de. ... .antlib.xml"/> !!

..oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree

Oh, boy, 3 machines =

1.mine = Win2000, jdk 1.5.0_11, ant 1.6.5
2.test = Win2003, jdk 1.5.0_11, ant 1.6.5 = Win2003, jdk 1.5.0_11, ant 1.6.5

1. + 2. run fine but 3. fails on any occasion the
jar with the anttasks gets involved.

What's new in the jarfile with the anttasks is
a new class and the antlib.xml was extended with
a new line.

The class has no flaws, the antlib.xml is that of the
old backuped version with only one line more.

Elcipse is set to UTF-8. Another editor checking the antlib.xml,
PSPad says, it's UTF-8, in Hex view there are no fishy chars

> Are the other scripts using the same Java VM?  I've found Sun's JVMs
> to be more forgiving than IBM's for example (Websphere challenged 8-).

yup, all of our ant scripts run with sun jdk 1.5.0_11 only

>> I checked the antlib.xml for non UTF-8 chars and things like that,
>> but didn't find any.
> Is there any more information you could provide (like the actual
> exception being thrown)?  It could be the ZIP reading library as
> well.

no i get only the line i already posted
our server uses a class that is similar to the AntBuilder of
Cruise Control, it kicks off ant scripts; the exception
comes from ant, taskdef task i think, when he wants to read antlib.xml
via ZipInputStream or something

> <> suggest
> problems with the archive rather than the XML file.

that was one of the bug reports i already found but it wasn't very

I also tried a concurrent access of the jarfile, means running a class 
that opens a ZIPInputStream on the file with the anttasks then starting 
the antscript that has <taskdef resource=".... .antlib.xml"/>
=> same behaviour, runs on two machines but fails in production

i wish i had an idea what goes on here ...

btw. what's the meaning of =
"oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree" ?
simple words please ;-)

Regards, Gilbert

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