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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: Ivy Maven 2 Compatibility
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:44:49 GMT
Cool, I think we should share those errors with the maven team.  They
usually don't accept to patch meta-data, but when it is invalid XML I
think they would accept.

Concerning the comparision with the maven resultion I started a few
month ago (during javapolis) to write some tests to compare transitive
dependencies.  I tested it on a local repository (very small), but I
found some differences.  That resulted in a few jira tickets that have
been fixed in 2.0-beta2.  (I also found some strange behavior in

I plan to relaunch this comparison as soon as I find some free time
(that will not happen soon :-( ).

By the way, I'm interrested to know how you did this scan.  Did you
have a pom respository easily accessible or did you run that via


On 12/03/2008, Xavier Hanin <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  As you may have noticed on the ivy user list I've just setup a small
>  web site for searching Maven 2 repository:
>  To implement this I've used Ivy Pom parser to parse poms from the
>  maven 2 repository, to extract some basic information like the
>  description and home page. This is a bit overkill for what I do in
>  javarepo, but the nice side effect is that I now have an error log
>  with all modules in current maven 2 repo for which Ivy is failing at
>  parse time. The error log is here:
>  As you can see a lot of errors are xml errors (use of undeclared
>  entity, unclosed tags, content not allowed in prolog, ...). There's
>  also quite a lot of poms in which we don't find the module name (I
>  haven't checked if this is our fault yet). Note that in my parsing I
>  haven't setup Ivy correctly, so Ivy was not able to find parent or
>  relocated modules, which may cause errors in the log we wouldn't have
>  in reality.
>  The good news is that we only have about 200 errors for the 28k+ poms
>  available in maven repo. This is not too bad, even though it doesn't
>  tell how different the dependency resolution itself would be.
>  Xavier
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>  Xavier Hanin - Independent Java Consultant
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Gilles Scokart

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