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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7.1beta available
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2008 18:46:28 GMT
Hello Kevin,

This is wonderful that you are taking care of the 1.7.1 release.

I am trying to remember all this, and I am getting confused myself.

When I login to and go to 
/www/, I see these files :

 > cd /www/
 > ls
antlibs        v1.7.0Beta3    v1.7.0RC1

this matches with what one sees under the URL

So you are going to create using your UNIX user a directory v1.7.1Beta1 
under /www/ with a directory structure similar 
to /www/ (plus or minus the 
changes which happened since then).

Good luck,



Kevin Jackson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've uploaded a signed complete distribution of 1.7.1beta to:
> It weighs in at ~50mb
> NB.
> I'm now up to #10 in the ReleaseInstructions, 11 seems easy enough, but
> "
> 12. Once this is uploaded, unpack things, create the release directory,
>     something like v1.7.0Beta1, push the release and RELEASE-NOTES files
>     into this directory.  Create a symbolic link named README.html
>     that points to the RELEASE-NOTES.
>     The files should go to /www/ on
> "
> Ok, so I extract *all* the distribution I just uploaded into a
> directory called v1.7.1Beta, add the RELEASE-NOTES file, ln -s
> README.html RELEASE-NOTES, but all of this is in
> /www/, not my directory?
> Is my understanding here correct?
> Thanks,
> Kev

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