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From Benjamin de Dardel <>
Subject Re: ProjectHelper : parsing from InputStream
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 19:39:33 GMT
Hi all,

Matt Benson a écrit :
> One concept that I had discussed with someone here
> (Kev?  Alexey?) was some kind of resource that would
> deliver a tempfile for another resource.  This might
> work in simple situations.  
I didn't expect that my question would re-open this discussion.
I think that it's possible to add some new sources without changing 

In class ProjectHelper2, there are some other sources : InputStream and 
InputSource, but they were commented.
As you can see in attachment, I implemented the InputStream one without 
changing the API.

For the basedir problem, the current directory seems to be use as 
default and it can be updated with project.setBaseDir method.

> It also occurs to me that
> certain resources might themselves implement
> ResourceFactory, e.g. files and urls, which can pretty
> easily return a relative file.  A buildfile specifying
> no basedir would, IMHO, seem to be fairly well
> represented by a FileResource that, as a
> ResourceFactory, would resolve relative paths against
> ".".  So that might provide some opportunities as
> well.
Even if I'm interested in getting experience with ant, I don't have a 
global comprehension of the problem, as you have. So, I will follow this 
discussion and may be I will be abble to help you !


> -Matt

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