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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] EasyAnt: Ant based pre packaged build system for java projects
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2008 21:20:14 GMT
Gilles Scokart wrote:
> Finally, I stopped my reflections, thinking that it is certainly something that already
exists in the wild.  Does it?
If I remember correctly (it was a long time ago) it used to. There used 
to be a project called Centipede that built Ant scripts into something 
called "cents", which were attempts to capture best practices for 
various parts of builds. It eventually died, I think when Maven started 
taking off. It seemed to suffer from being part of a grander vision, 
called Krysalis, that dragged all resources away in different 
directions. That is my take as an outsider, anyway. I was never part of 
the project.

You can still see the remnants of it on Sourceforge[1] and a home page[2].


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