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From s p <>
Subject Proposed patch for XMLResultAggregator and junit-frames.xsl
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2008 10:12:01 GMT

I've just created a patch for the Ant source code repository which will introduce the possibility
to link to external log files from generated JUnit test reports. 

Our tests do not output to stderr or stdout but use Log4J to output all of the debug information
needed to find out which events led up to the failure of a test. This patch enables developers
to use the 'junitreport' generated JUnit reports to click through to the log file associated
with the execution of a single test.

The patch introduces three new optional attributes to the junitreport ant task: 
 * logDir - The base dir for the test logfiles
 * logPrefix - A prefix which may be used to distinguish the log files from the test results.
 * logPostfix - A postfix which defaults to '.xml' and can be used to distinguish the log
files from the test results.

If no prefix or postfix values are used the report generator will assume the test class name
is the name of the log file. 
If a logfile cannot be found this will be silently ignored and no link to the logfile will
appear in the resulting JUnit report.

When a link to a log file does appear it is formatted in the same way as links to stdour or
stderr are formatted.

I would like to commit this patch to the Ant head branch, if there is any interest for it.
Please reply and i will send the patch ready to be applied. 

  Sirp Potijk

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