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From <>
Subject AW: Deployment through Ant and Telnet
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 06:21:41 GMT
>    I want to deploy my project from eclipse workspace to any 
> server(in the
> network) by using Ant and Telnet.

You should think about using telnet. As often said on this list, SCP is
more secure and SSHD is running on most (Linux) machines.

>    To facilitate that i have created a plugin which will do 
> the Deployment on a single button click in the eclipse.

If you have the plugin already, the easist think is wrapping that into a
provide an
    public void execute()
method which starts that. Then use <taskdef> (maybe with a huge nested
<classpath> for all the
dependencies of your plugin) in your buildfile for mapping that new task
to a name and use it.

> Mean to say 1.  I have to checkout the selected project from 
> the subversion repository

SVN Antlib (not released yet, so you have to build it for your own)


wrap the svn executable with <exec>

>                    2.  Then invoke ant programatically(from 
> java) to build
> that project as well as compilation.

Mmmh ... are you trying to write a plugin that invokes Ant for doing all
the stuff?
Why not just simply write a buildfile? You could invoke that on command
line, by a build server
or from Eclipse using its Ant View / External Tools.

<javac>, <jar> ...

>                    3.  Then send the project through Telnet to the any
> system in the network by giving the IP adress.


When using multiple targets you could iterate over a list of IP-adresses
using <antcontrib:for>


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