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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Presentation
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 02:10:34 GMT

> I wonder whether Ant/Ivy has a "dependency fetching" mechanism like Maven 
> has
> regarding "plugins".  This  is  what I have in mind: A antlib  provides 
> tasks 
> and macros and implements them in terms of 3rdparty libraries. Those 
> libraries
> are  described in dependencies (perhaps a la  Maven). If such a antlib is 
> used,
> Ant will  download those 3rdparty stuff some  cache  directory and adjust 
> it's 
> classpath. 

IMHO dependency fetching is the *worst* of the ideas that Maven has 

Instead of having a controlled build, you get a build where it's 
possible that every single build is done against a different set of 

I prefer to know which libraries I'm building my code against :)

As for the problem you have, different organizations deal with the 
problem in different ways.

1 - Place the full Ant (core) + extensions (antlibs etc) under version 
control as a 'build' project - make this the only sanctioned way of 
building the rest of your code
* This relies on allowing binaries into your scm - sorry *

2 - Use multiple build files and a complex arrangements of classloader 
task, wget/get etc to pull in the correct dependencies for the build

3 - Edit the ant.bat|

4 - Write a wrapper script that calls ant.bat| with the correct 
env setup

As you can see in other replies, the 'solution' varies depending on the 
particular needs of the organization :)


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