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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ant Wiki] Update of "Proposals/EnhancedTestReports" by SteveLoughran
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 00:12:05 GMT
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The following page has been changed by SteveLoughran:

The comment on the change is:
more ideas

  Add the names of people actively participating
-  * Ant team (ant-dev) (SteveLoughran to do the prototyping)
+  * Ant team (ant-dev) (SteveLoughran to do the prototyping for junit reporting)
+  * Ant team for antunit support. Volunteers?
   * SmartFrog team (SteveLoughran)
   * TestNG: AlexandruPopescu 
   * Maven SureFire: DanFabulich, BrettPorter
@@ -81, +82 @@

   1. define first relaxng schema
   1. set up vms (EC2? Apache VM farm?) with the various CI servers
   1. add new <junit> reporter, test its output works with existing consumers
+  1. add antunit support (pull out description; if/unless => Skipped)
   1. evolve XSL stylesheets
   1. add junit4 test runner. Let TestNG, SmartFrog do their prototyping
   1. ship!
@@ -90, +92 @@

  === Improved Logging information ===
   * Retain the current stdout+stderr logs, but also allow people to bind to custom log4j/commons-logging/java.util.logging
back ends that grab the raw events and log them as structured XML events (host,process,thread,level,timestamp,text).
These would be renderable at different levels
+  * XSL style sheets to merge output, ordering by clock (received time) and displaying log
messages from different machines/levels in different colour
+  * easy turn on/off display of different levels
  === Improved Host information ===
@@ -120, +124 @@

  DanFabulich: Many popular tools parse exceptions directly; they're already reasonably structured,
even if they aren't really XML.
+ SteveLoughran: True. But I'm thinking about better XSL support. Also the standard exception
dumps dont scale well to deeply chained exceptions; gets hard to see what is going on.
  == Open ended failure categories ==
  success and skipped are fixed, but there are many forms of failure (error, failure, timeout,
out of performance bounds, and others that depend on the framework itself) Can we enumerate
all possible categories for failure, or could we make it extensible?
@@ -143, +150 @@

   * For live output, provide an ongoing status page that updates regularly.
   * allow test results to include links to images, videos that are then embedded inline.
Your test runs, on youtube!
+ == Publish under atom ==
+  * Allow an individual test to be served as a single Atom entry. This may require xmlns
games. Perhaps we could define an optional xmlns for test results; if served through atom
this would be required. 
+ == test results as wire format ==
+ Could we use a test result as a wire format for exchanging the outcome of a single test
between processes/hosts? Rather than just something for XSL and other reporting tools to handle.

+  1. Could glue together bits of junit+Ant for cross process handling
+  1. Could integrate test runners + CI tools.
+  1. Could provide a library to aid developers to do this
+ Arguments against
+  1. if it becomes a wire format, it becomes even less flexible
+  1. CI tools are better of with their own custom listeners (they get to stop the run too
+  1. We dont want to endorse JAXB (brittle) or DOM (painful), but XOM is off limits to apache
projects (LGPL), and we dont want to intro new dependencies to ant either.
+ This may be something for things other than Ant to consider.

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