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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Inclusion of NetBeans project metadata in source tree?
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 10:26:51 GMT
Jesse Glick wrote:
> I don't recall any previous discussion of whether IDE-specific metadata 
> are wanted/permitted in the source tree. I have been privately 
> maintaining a NetBeans "freeform" project setup for Ant which ties into 
> the build script in various ways and offers easier and more precise 
> development of Ant from the IDE. For example, you can ask to debug a 
> single test case and it will run the right target (with the right 
> parameter) from build.xml and connect it to the IDE's debugger. Since 
> Ant's own build.xml is not in general runnable by the last official 
> release, it uses a wrapper script to do some bootstrapping and other 
> preparation.
> Currently I just keep this in a separate directory structure so as to 
> keep my svn checkout clean, and refer to the checkout via an external 
> path. But if there are others who might want to use the same IDE on Ant 
> it seems a waste for them to not get the same project setup. 
> Distributing the metadata separately is awkward (especially if targets 
> in build.xml change) and few people would find it.
> Could/should this metadata be put in the Ant source tree somewhere? It 
> is a directory "nbproject" with a few files (no changes to other files 
> are needed). If at top level, you would be able to open the top source 
> dir as a NB project; if under e.g. src/etc/ you would need to know to 
> open that parent dir instead. I would need to do some cleanup to test 
> that all pieces still work (some I wrote months or even years ago) and 
> to ensure that all absolute paths or other per-user configuration could 
> be loaded from an svn-ignorable file.

I'm happy with this.

-nbprojects are not hard-coded to individuals or their directory paths 
are they?
-how do you manage the dependencies to externals like jsch, junit, etc. 
Will the project just point to stuff in lib/optional?

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