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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: JUnit Filter, extension of JUnitTask?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 09:25:01 GMT
Rutger Lubbers wrote:
> Hi,
> JUnit (since 4.?) allows filtering of the tests to be run. It would be
> nice to allow ant build scripts to use this filter capacity. This would
> allow developers to run a (small, fast running) set of tests, while the
> integration or production build runs extra test sets. The filtering only
> works with JUnit 4 test code.
> I've changed a few source files (of ant 1.7.0) and added two. It works
> fine (here). It requires (at the moment) a typedef of the filter:
> <typedef name="junitfilter"
> classname=""/>
> and can be used as follows:
> <junit>
> 	<junitfilter 
> 		classname="com.example.JUnitDBFilter"
> 		properties="dbtest"/>
> </junit>
> I would like to know if you find this useful (enough) for inclusion.
> Would someone like to see the code and comment on it?
> Thanks & Kind regards,

JUnit4 stuff is something I'd like to work on, either as a separate 
antlib or as somethig in Ant, presumably in the package

1. I was planning a new task for it, one that is a superset of <junit>; 
this filtering could go in there.

2. I'm planning to extend the xml test results to include more data 
(from junit4, antunit, and anything else compatible)
   -add skipped tests: count+details
   -allow every test to have a description, a URL and a bugID (well, a 
list of them)
   -dump more machine details into a per-machine file when we do the 
test run;

I think the filter stuff could go in there; why not add it as an 
enhancement request (with code) to bugzilla under


Steve Loughran        
Author: Ant in Action 

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