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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject auto download of antlibs
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 07:56:48 GMT

One thing I've been thinking of this week is how could we work with Ivy 
for automatic antlib download.

No code right now, just some thoughts

1. add a -offline argument to say "we are offline". this will set a 
property, ( and the <offline> test will work. It is 
meant to tell things like Ivy that we are offline. At some point we 
could add some way for Ant to guess whether the net is there or not, if 
java integrates with the OS properly (there is an API call for this in 
J2ME, just not Java SE)

2. when we encounter an element (or even an attr) in an unknown antlib 
xmlns, and we want to map that to a projectcomponent, we hand off 
resolution to an antlib resolver. We would have one built in (the 
failing resolver), would default to the ivy one if it was present, and 
provide some way to let people switch to a different one.

3. an antlib resolver would do the mapping from antlib package to 
artifacts (problem one), then download the metadata for that artifact, 
pull it down and all its artifacts

4. we would then <typedef> the lib with the classpath that is set up by 
the resolver

we'd need a metadata tree mapping antlibs to well known packages, but 
that is not too hard. JSON, perhaps.


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