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From <>
Subject AW: CVS - to antlib or not?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 08:33:10 GMT
>> or at least bundle the ant-svn antlib with the release of ant so
>> that one does not have to do an extra download.
>We could easily provide a Sumo tarball download with Ant core and all
>released Antlibs.  The svn antlib hasn't seen a release so far, BTW.

I dont think the user want to have a "core" with all he need.
The user wants one "download" with all stuff...

The user downloads Eclipse SDK and gets RCP, Platform, JavaDK, ...
The user downloads Eclipse Europa and gets all plugins.
The user downloads Ant WHATEVER-NAME-WE-HAVE and gets all antlibs as a

In that way we keep the separation.


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